Our Priority Service is now available for urgent small orders, samples, and missed items.

We understand that there will be times and situations where a fast turnaround is needed, we can now offer a Priority Service for just such circumstances.

This is a limited service and will be on a first come first served basis to enable us to plan requests into the daily manufacturing.

You will no doubt have similar time pressures on the project, we will have similar pressures in moving your Priority order through our factory. We will provide regular updates on the progress of your ‘Priority’ order and communicate any issues we may encounter and inform you of any impact such issues may have on delivery.

If you would like further information about our Priority Service, please contact a member of our Sales Team.


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As you are aware the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19 has impacted manufacturing operations across the UK.


RCM Products takes its responsibility for the welfare of its workforce, suppliers and customers very seriously. Whilst we want to continue to run a full manufacturing facility and support our customers, the health and safety of our staff, their families and friends is tantamount and we believe that it would be irresponsible for us to ask them to work whilst worrying about being vulnerable in a working environment. You will appreciate maintaining a two-meter space is difficult in a manufacturing environment.


We are therefore providing a skeleton staff who will be available to provide quotes and we will continue to take your orders using [email protected]  A skeleton manufacturing team will also be on-site and continue where possible to manufacture current and new orders whilst maintaining the Governments recommendations for safety.


Please keep yourselves, your families and friends safe.

ANDREW BAINES, Managing Director